Tara Sorensen

Principal Designer / Owner

Tara Sorensen
Perspective is a powerful tool. It tempers how we receive information, be it visual, or verbal. Preferring to blaze my own trail, I tend to gravitate towards the unexpected, the positive, the uplifting. That viewpoint is apparent in all of my endeavors. My design style is edgy, but clean; when a client speaks, I listen; my attention to detail is acute; common sense abounds; sense of humor, as well as humility are intact and my organizational skills are bordering on manic. At the end of the day, design, no matter in what form it is presented, is still design. I love what I do and the variety of each opportunity. View Tara’s Portfolio →

My most recent efforts have been directed towards designing a new line of jewelry, which has become an important part of my business. From the sale of certain pieces, I am donating to charities close to my heart. Following my mother’s passing, I authored and published a book chronicling her 10-year journey through Alzheimer’s from a positive perspective. Special Projects →

“You will never experience personal growth, if you fear taking chances. And, you will never become successful, if you operate without integrity.”