Special Projects

Taracuda Jewelry

Taracuda Jewelry was initially created to raise money for (3) three charities that are close to my heart. I am happy to report that jewelry design has now become a large and important part of my business. I’ve always been a big believer in that if you provide incentive (in this case, something pretty), you are more apt to achieve your goal. My designs are made of high quality leather & silver metals and many of the styles convert from a bracelet into either a choker or necklace. When a piece is sold donning a butterfly, dragonfly, or a fish charm, a donation will be made to a worthy charity.  LEARN MORE


Mindful Designers

Mindful Designers was created to raise money for Alzheimer’s research through a non-invasive approach. Working within the design community, I reached out to fellow designers from all disciplines, to join me in this endeavor. The thought was to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, but in a way that was convenient and beneficial for everyone. Currently, donations will be made through the sale of certain items from the TaracudaJewelry shop noted above.  LEARN MORE


Where's My Purse?Where’s My Purse?

A.K.A. The JoAnn Project

Where’s My Purse? is a book based on my journey through Alzheimer’s with my beautiful mother, JoAnn. The day she phoned me to report her diagnosis, I was crushed. My focus was immediately directed toward how it would be affecting me. She was my best friend and confidant and I was about to lose her. Poor me.

Question: How selfish could I be?

We were raised in a home where laughter was used as a defense mechanism, a vehicle for communication, our pharmaceutical of choice. My mom had a great sense of humor and if she thought for an instant that I was wallowing in self-pity, she’d be very disappointed. In my world, having your mom state that she was “disappointed”, was worse than enduring the wooden spoon. The only obvious solution was to change MY perspective. Once that adjustment was made, I became a highly effective advocate and caretaker for her.

This project has been challenging, due to the sensitive nature of the content. I’ve struggled with the notion that some may be perceive me as “insensitive”, which isn’t the case. Looking at select situations with a comedic eye has always helped ME cope and that’s how Mom would want it. I truly understand how it feels to walk this road with someone you love and feel helpless. Hearing from others in similar situations has been invaluable and served to validate many of my feelings. Paying that forward, I vowed to do the same and the JoAnn Project was born.